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ECS has a very encouraging team dynamic where energy, openness, success and flexibility are at our core. We all want to succeed. Each member is given the option to succeed by having flexible access to clients and markets with the goal being successful business transactions. We are always looking for new brokers to join our team so please contact us if you would like to make steps to join us by calling +44 20 3023 3283.

Our Team


ECS Managing Director Michael McDermott

Mike has years of options and fixed price brokering both in the UK and North America. Originally from Canada, where he began his career, Mike started brokering in the UK in 2000 and has built on a wealth of good relationships since then. In 2010 Enterprise Commodity Services was set up to focus on Options in Energy markets in Europe. As managing director, Mike brings with him experience in Energy markets brokering, trading software launches and staff management as well as bringing great energy to the office.

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Dave Redmond BROKER

Dave Redmond ECS Broker

Dave entered the energy market in 1997 joining Enron and has traded energy options in Continental Europe, North America and the UK until joining Enterprise in 2012. His analytical skills and pricing experience are highly valued at Enterprise where he has brought market insight and expertise to the team and his clients.

Kevin Barlow BROKER

Kevin Barlow ECS Broker

Kevin joined ECS in 2012 from a larger brokering firm where he gained experience in the coal markets. He has brought relationships with continental clients across the energy markets in Europe to the team and continues to secure new clients in the energy derivatives markets in Europe

We're Hiring

We are always looking for hard working people who want to succeed. If you have brokering experience, enthusiasm to learn and are good at building relationships, then please call us on +44 20 3023 3280.

Looking for:
Experienced Energy Broker
Account Manager/Broker
Experienced Coal Broker

If you are an experienced Energy Broker with options knowledge and are looking for a chance to work with us at Enterprise, please call us on +44 20 3023 3280

ECS is looking for an account manager/ broker with excellent sales ability. Our new team member will know what it takes to build relationships with new clients as well as maintain existing clients. This new employee will be a university graduate and have strong mathematical capabilities, preferably commodity options pricing experience. We are looking for someone who has high energy and is driven by success. We will offer a competitive package according to experience and depth of relationships in the European energy industry. Apply here

ECS are looking for an experienced coal broker. Please call us on +44 20 3023 3280