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We believe that our success lies in using our knowledge and relationships to cater to the markets’ changing needs. We believe that our value based quotes and reliable market experience gives us an advantage to work with. ECS uses an in-house options pricing model to price options and form end of day marks. Our brokers have experience in pricing options, understanding value and analysis across the energy markets through research, trading history and up to date market intelligence. Being a smaller brokerage firm gives us the advantage of being able to break into new markets, to build relationships with new clients and to take advantage of new technology to give us greater access to our clients’ needs.


We currently broker Asian and European style of options and will look to broker variations on this according to market demands. Both live and crossed options along with bilateral or cleared prices are worked and traded by ECS on a daily basis.

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Fixed Price

We are able to broker fixed price products for NBP, European Gas, Power and Emissions contracts providing that counterparties have previously agreed trading terms and have trading agreements in place.

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Financial Transactions

Forward Freight Agreements and Coal contracts are both financially traded products. Through their broker Counterparties agree terms and then transact with the exchange according the exchanges published terms and conditions.

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Physical Transactions

Power, Gas and Emissions are all physical contracts that trade between counterparties, offering the purchase or sale of the product upon agreement of price and terms.

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We're Hiring

We are always looking for hard working people who want to succeed. If you have brokering experience, enthusiasm to learn and are good at building relationships, then please call us on +44 20 3023 3280.

Looking for:
Experienced Energy Broker
Account Manager/Broker
Experienced Coal Broker

If you are an experienced Energy Broker with options knowledge and are looking for a chance to work with us at Enterprise, please call us on +44 20 3023 3280

ECS is looking for an account manager/ broker with excellent sales ability. Our new team member will know what it takes to build relationships with new clients as well as maintain existing clients. This new employee will be a university graduate and have strong mathematical capabilities, preferably commodity options pricing experience. We are looking for someone who has high energy and is driven by success. We will offer a competitive package according to experience and depth of relationships in the European energy industry. Apply here

ECS are looking for an experienced coal broker. Please call us on +44 20 3023 3280